Radiant Presence

June 15, 2017

"Beneath your shroud of diminishment exists a Holy light." We are introducing a new format as our second year begins. We will be exploring topics on how you partner with your Sacred Nature and become the soveriegn leader in your life. This episode we explore the nature of Radiant Presence and how we get there.


The Power of Self Love with Christine Arylo

June 1, 2017

Christine Arylo, Transformational teacher, women’s leadership advisor, internationally recognized speaker and three-time best selling author shares her wisdom on Self Love, Feminine Super Powers and the Catalyst of Money. Listen to our extended anniversary interview.



Opening the Door to Grace with Penny Kusum Clum

May 18, 2017

Penny Kusum Clum is a powerful teacher who synthesizes the worlds of Spirit and Science. She is the creator Kusum Yoga, which includes simple and effective tools for opening to radical joy. Penny shares her unique perspectives on the feminine, the masculine and opening to Grace. Her story provides useful insights into the role of the body, mind and senses as doorways to Grace.

For more information on Penny: www.PennyClum.com and for her programs go to:www.kusuminstitute.com


The Power of Invocation with Katt Tozier

May 4, 2017

Writer, Podcast Host and Divine Life Flow Guide, Katt Tozier shares her story of opening to her spiritual gifts. Listen to her thoughts on our healing capabilites as women and her practice of invocation that changed her life.

To learn more about Kat: www.Katttozier.com


The Wisdom of Facing Your Fear with Georgette Star

April 6, 2017

Transformational Coach, Spiritual Guide and founder of the Life Blessing Institute, Georgette Star shares practical wisdom on facing fear as we open to prosperity, power and our feminine sovereignty. She provides useful guidance for facing our collective challenges today. Her's is a story of deep faith that includes a lifelong practice of prosperity consciousness conceived in financial adversity.

For more information on Georgette go to: http://lifeblessing.com


The Sisterhood of the Rose with Merita Bat Shoshan

March 16, 2017

Visionary artist, Merita Bat Shoshan shares her extraordinary Mid-Life Awakening. After 30 years of seeming contentment on an Israeli kibbutz she left with one suitcase to follow the call of her Soul. Her journey awakened her visionary gifts and initiated her to a Divine Feminine path known as the Rose Way. Merita's story is a testament to the lengths we will go to heed our Soul's call. 

For more information: Meritarosenergy.wixsite.com/home


Art, Activism & the Feminine with Dawn Flores

March 2, 2017

Dawn shares how her call to activism as an artist has healed her heart and taught her the true nature of Peace. Listen to her inspiring journey of Feminine Sovereignty as an artist and the creator of the Forest Project: an art project documenting 60-acres of urban forest, currently being clear-cut for development.        

To learn more about Dawn and her work go to www.Dawneflores.com


Dare to Blossom with Mary Lunnen

February 15, 2017

Artist, writer and coach, Mary Lunnen shares her journey of blossoming despite the fear. Her story illuminates what blossoming and coming into our power looks like for gentle and sensitive souls. Hear her beautiful wisdom on inner listening as well as her struggles with comparing and despairing. 


Broken Open: Embodied Feminine Leadership with Julie Daley

February 1, 2017

Writer, coach and educator, Julie Daley shares her unfolding journey of embodied feminine leadership. Listen to her powerful story of opening to the erotic feminine through the portal of deep personal loss. Like a Wise Woman for our Age, Julie guides us to the exquisite beauty, vital aliveness and wild creativity at the heart of our embodied experience as women.

For more from Julie go to http://www.unabashedlyfemale.com


The Power of Beliefs with Tanya Penny

January 19, 2017

Abundant Life Health Coach, Tanya Penny shares her inspiring story of hope and healing. Tanya's journey of recovery from childhood trauma, Multiple Sclerosis, and money struggles came in large part through recognizing the power of our unconscious beliefs. As she has created health and abundance in her own life she  is dedicated to supportinging others to do the same. You can access her generous free gift, The Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Blueprint at Tanyapenny.com