Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow
Own It, Honor It & Bring It

Own It, Honor It & Bring It

June 20, 2019

How often do we as women disown essential parts of ourselves because they are threatening or unpopular? How often do we get caught up in self-criticism or even self-loathing for not fitting into to some prescribed version of who we're meant to be? What if the best thing we can do for ourselves, those around us and our collective humanity is to unapologetically be the truest version of ourselves? I share my recent journey with this and the a-ha's which came along the way.

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Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

June 6, 2019

Visionary artist and poet, Revolutionary Educator and Intentional Creativity co-founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud joins us to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary.

We dive into conscious creativity, awakening and the Quantum field. Shiloh shares how creativity can be used to reclaim our images as women; awaken our own medicine, and build resiliency in the face of trauma and life challenges in life.

She shares the story of early influences of her mother, Caron, and mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars as well as her powerful awakening to her own medicine in her 20's. This awakening, which brought a deep awareness of the suffering in the world and ultimately opened her to the bliss and ecstasy of creativity as a spiritual practice. 

Shiloh guides us in how we can show up for others, tend deep core fears and begin our own creative practice. 


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