Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Nourishment for New Motherhood with Sasha Padron

November 5, 2019

How we enter this world matters deeply. The nature of our birth will leave its imprint on the rest of our lives. As will our transition into motherhood. Sasha Padron, seasoned doula and prenatal yoga educator and I dove into a feminine approach to childbirth and supporting new motherhood. This model for birthing new babies and mamas has important wisdom for us at any stage of our lives.

We discussed the needs of new mothers both during childbirth and postpartum. This episode provides you the opportunity to consider your own experience with birth. Whether it’s your own or your birth into motherhood. 

Lastly, Sasha took us through a deeply nourishing grounding meditation. 

For more information on the Nourishing New Motherhood, Awakening the Village Mentorship program or Sasha's work visit:

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