Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

An Inside Look at Envy

November 11, 2021

Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series.

One of our biggest obstacles to both true sisterhood and our own success is envy or jealousy. It's been a part of our relationships with other women since we were girls. It's been passed down as part of our legacy as women and it absolutely keeps us from our true sovereignty.

Throughout the ages, we've denied it, disowned it, masked it, cast it into the shadow - and maybe even fostered it.

In this August 2019 rerelease episode, we’ll take a beyond the veil look at Envy and Jealousy and explore how it can bring you home to your personal power and heart and soul fulfillment. I'm getting vulnerable and sharing a personal story of my own walk with Envy.

We'll also look at worthiness and how we can rise together in sisterhood.

This episode is part of the Divine Feminine Awakening series that provides emerging wisdom from my own journey of feminine awakening delivered episode by episode in real-time over the last 5 years. Through my present-day lens, I’ve chosen the most vital topics to revisit with you. 

May you recognize and receive tools, wisdom, and landmarks for your own journey of awakening.  

Discussed in the episode: 

  • ​​The truth about where envy and jealousy come from and how they have affected my life.
  • How quickly things can change for the better when you learn how to be compassionate with yourself.
  • How to see envy and jealousy as a massive nudge from the universe to give that space in your life some love and attention
  • How by judging others for their successes, we are not creating the space for ourselves to succeed. 


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