Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Transformational Goddess Wisdom with Helen Hodgson

October 1, 2019


Helen Hodgson, creator of Transformational Goddess Retreats, provides a rich education in the transformative power of mentoring with Goddesses. As well as sharing her own transformative journey with Aphrodite to the path of self-love.

Our discussion brought us to the wisdom and work of Mirabai Starr, Layne Redmond, Jean Shinoda Bolen and Hildegard de Bingen as well as the Goddesses -  Aphrodite, Kali, Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene.

Helen offers an in depth look at a powerful tool for transformation, empowerment and remembrance - the Frame Drum - the oldest archetypal instrument used by women. 

Lastly, we explore the power and possibility of Menopause.


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