Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Trust Talk Session with Jenni Rochelle

June 25, 2020

Welcome to the Trust Talk Sessions. Join a collective of former guests and I for a 19-day dive into Trust to celebrate 100 episodes of Trust your Sacred Feminine Flow. Each conversation offers an intimate glimpse into the challenges and precious moments experienced in our journey to trust. Jenni and I discussed Trust after Betrayal.

Jenni Rochelle is a Betrayal Trauma Specialist who supports women who have been impacted by their husband’s sex addiction and betrayal.  She is a certified life coach, yoga teacher, and spiritual director. Jenni has been trained according to the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists.  

Jenni is also a poet, a wife, a mom, and a mystic.  She loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling, and pugs.

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